McGrath Renovation

Project Type



Full Architectural Services, Interior Design


Kansas City, Missouri

Built in 1890, this former small apartment building had been derelict, and it was the owners’ desire to revive the existing structure and reimagine it as a modern space for living and working. Respecting the overtly historic character of the building, the design blends modern interventions with historic elements to create spaces that feel both warm and modern. The home features three levels of living space, two outdoor balconies, and spectacular views of Kansas City’s downtown skyline.

DRAW worked closely with the contractor and an artist to develop details focusing on craft and materials. As the structure is located on a well-traveled street with only a 5’ setback, the need for privacy became a concern. DRAW’s design team creatively solved this challenge with an art piece by Jesse Small that acts as a screen for the front façade and casts dynamic shadows on the interior that play on organic and constructed forms. The interior stair of the 3-story structure is a central design element, whose glass, steel and open treads allow light to filter through the space.