We engage ideas by advancing new models and innovative technologies, guided by the vision of a more sustainable and equitable environment.

This singular vision results from a culture of caring – about material, about form, about community, and about the environment. We go beyond the baseline, pushing the boundaries of common standards by exploring all possible avenues. To create the best potential responses to those design challenges, we remain open to new concepts and are rigorous in our inquiries, considering big ideas while remaining grounded in facts. We draw from our collective expertise and work with other disciplines to strengthen the level of analysis. The result is founded on inclusion; we cultivate collaboration because we know experts exist everywhere in our community, and we want to listen to them.


We developed PlanIT Impact with one goal in mind: to reduce carbon impact and water use by removing barriers to efficiency and sustainability in design.

PlanIT Impact

PlanIT Impact is the result of our experiences at DRAW – clients want to know the benefits and paybacks expected for their investments in sustainable design strategies. Principal Dominique Davison formed this sister company to delve into the research and development efforts necessary to solve this challenge. PlanIT Impact is a Revit plugin that pulls in building geometry and then uses machine learning to analyze energy modeling, weather and rainfall, cost, maintenance, and other data sets that then display on a collaborative, web-based platform. We decided early on not to make this a proprietary piece of software but rather that it would be shared with the broader industry to best meet our collective mission of reducing carbon impact and water use by removing barriers to achieving net-zero design.