Tianyi Han became a DRAW member after relocating to Kansas City in 2018. Prior to joining DRAW, he received a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from South China University of Technology, and he gained professional experience working at Atelier FCJZ and other renowned architecture offices in China.

Tianyi’s professional and academic portfolio includes projects that span a broad spectrum of project types and scales, from boat design and fabrication, to high-rise mixed-use, to single-family homes, to small-scale shelter and pavilion projects. In all of his work, Tianyi’s interests emerge through his exploration of materiality, performance, and contructability. He highly values aesthetics, rationality, and detail, and his approach to design begins with introducing multidisciplinary thinking into the early phase of design.

Interesting facts about Tianyi:

  • Tianyi enjoys hanging out with his friends, and although he doesn’t talk much, he talks…fun. Basically, he’s your classic introverted extrovert.

  • Tianyi’s favorite stand-up comedian is Chris Rock, who accompanied him during the countless days and nights spent at the studio in graduate school.

  • While a student at Wash U, Tianyi became friends with Mia, a sea lion at the St. Louis Zoo. Mia can recognize Tianyi in a crowd of people, and she only interacts with him. Tianyi can communicate with Mia by waving his arms.

  • Tianyi slept on an air mattress for the first year of graduate school, which he inflated manually with the air from his lungs. He saw stars after the hour-long process…but, thankfully, he had a soft place to collapse.

  • Though Tianyi once lost a tooth following a failed dental treatment, he now possesses the cool ability to drink from a straw without opening his jaws.


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