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Civic + Institutional, Planning + Engagement


Land Use Planning, Urban Design


Kansas City, Missouri

Identified within Kansas City, Missouri’s 2012-2016 Five Year Consolidated Plan are seven Target Areas: the Heart of the City, Greater Downtown, Swope, Midtown/Plaza, Hickman Mills/Ruskin, Briarcliff/Winwood and Truman Plaza.

Within six of these target areas, the DRAW team of consultants, together with neighborhood input and consensus, developed sub-target area Action Plans – providing a guide for implementation of the physical improvement activities to be funded by available H.U.D. grants.

Given the desire to implement visible changes in the outlined neighborhoods expeditiously, the DRAW team met with neighborhood representatives to obtain community input and insight on current initiatives. From these meetings, the team established a focused Target Area in which the H.U.D. funds would have a noticeable, meaningful impact. Various priorities ranged from basic infrastructure, vegetation and lot occupancy concerns to deconstruction, home relocation and infill housing.