By Jon Dilley

This blog post is a video. Not an unusual concept, but to us, at DRAW, the content is quite revolutionary: Positive Impact Design.

DRAW’s ethos of Positive Impact Design includes elevating the urban and site context, going beyond great aesthetics to understand the cultural + social dynamics, and utilizing our radically resourceful process to design with empathy + activism.


Cultural + Socioeconomic Factors
We consider the building’s contribution and reflect the site’s historical, cultural, and social fabric. Build an integrated team recognizing the many contributors.

Excellence in design is timeless and sustains its relevance throughout the years.

Resource Impacts
We strive for self-sustaining, regenerative efficiency in materials and building performance.

Empathy + Activism
We endeavor to listen to the client, answer their needs, honor their constraints, and act in their best interest while balancing community stakeholders’ input.

Spatial Impacts
We consider the surrounding context, at the sidewalk, the inter-building space, and public spaces. The impact on the inhabitants of the space is equally significant.

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