By Dominique Davison

During this very difficult time, we at DRAW are bearing painful witness to the racial inequities of our American systems, whether justice, healthcare, or economic. As the managing principal, and as a member of our community, Personally, I’ve been reflecting and sharing conversations with friends and colleagues, of many backgrounds, races and genders to try to process it all.
We talk about leading by listening in our firm, listening deeply to our clients and the communities with which we work, so we can act boldly on their behalf. These words have never felt more urgent.

I’ve been reminded to reflect deeply on what role we play as architects and urban designers in promoting racial equity here in our home of Kansas City – a place with a legacy of racism and disinvestment. Real estate can be a powerful force in these dynamics.

We often act as advocates for the communities in which we work through participatory planning, but we rededicate ourselves to listening, and seeing, everyone. Let’s talk and take positive action, together.


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