Tongwei Chen joined DRAW immediately following graduation from Kansas State University in 2018. Seen through the lens of her design and urban planning degrees, Tongwei’s student work strongly emphasizes context, user experience, connection, and a thoughtful approach to the design and problem-solving process.  As a member of DRAW’s airport design team, Tongwei adds a creative, curious, hardworking energy to the studio. 

Interesting facts about Tongwei:

  • Born and raised in Wuhan, China, Tongwei took a bold step at age 16, choosing to move to the US as a participant in the student exchange program and finish high school here. Since that time, she has arguably seen more of the US than most native-born Americans twice her age…much of it viewed through the windows of her trusty little Fiat, which has transported her and a host of friends through thousands of miles of US countryside and cityscapes.  

  • Tongwei is something of an angler prodigy. On a trip to Miami several years ago, she snagged a 3-foot catch! She then did what every respectable fisher(wo)man should do – she and friends enjoyed a tasty fish BBQ that evening.  

  • Though Amy Winehouse’s voice and storytelling lyrics secure the top spot in Tongwei’s favorite-music list, the rest of her list could be summarized with three simple initials: EDM. Tongwei loves electronic music and regularly travels to EDM music festivals.  

  • Tongwei has a goal of someday adding “dancer” to her list of hobbies. In the meantime, she keeps mind and body flexible and in balance by practicing yoga each day.  

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