The Wilder

Location: Lenexa, Kansas

As the millennial generation enters the housing market, current housing stock has become a target for change to accommodate the twenty-first century needs of this growing population of residents. The Wilder reflects this shift. With a goal to modernize the existing 1970s-era aesthetics and functionality and to evoke an urban environment, the DRAW team sought to transform the apartment complex through material use, color, building form and amenities.

The team focused on the apartment exteriors, main public corridors, and central clubhouse amenities. The clubhouse program remains the same: central gathering location for residents, fitness facility with locker/restrooms, and leasing office. However, the configuration of each programmatic element represents the needs and preferences of the millennial generation. DRAW focused on creating a clean, modern interior with different types and sizes of gathering spaces. The main gathering space is designed to accommodate tech-heavy activities, acting more as an Internet café than a traditional clubhouse space. The fitness center provides space for traditional cardio machine, a new active cross fit space and yoga studio, and a modernized outdoor pool area.

In addition to the residential program, the complex also includes a leasing office and a modern corporate office space, including conference areas and hoteling workstations for traveling associates.


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