Julia Hartman joined DRAW in 2017 as a focused young designer and skilled artist. With an approach to work that combines technology and artistry, Julia is highly proficient with the broad set of tools of her trade, be they analogue paper and pen or the latest 3D modeling software.

Julia is one of those professionals who has a young face but exhibits a startlingly deep knowledge of her vocation. Having passed her first Architectural Registration Exam just six months after her graduation and nearing completion of her required AXP hours, Julia is well on her way to earning her own stamp as a registered architect, an achievement that takes most interns an average of seven years to accomplish following graduation.  

Julia graduated with a Masters in Architecture and a Bachelor of Art in Art History from Drury University.

Interesting facts about Julia:

  • Julia’s various travels have shaped her life in significant ways. Even competing with her adventures studying abroad in Greece, Julia claims that managing to not get lost forever during her solo vacation to Northern California following graduation probably takes the cake.

  • Julia can drink a impressive amount of coffee on any given day…and still be a cool five minutes behind schedule. These two facts seem contradictory, but somehow they remain a constant for her.

  • Julia’s favorite place to while away a beautiful day is any place surrounded by nature. Drop Julia in the middle of a hiking trail with some snacks, music, and a camera, and she’s a happy camper…well, hiker.

  • Julia is one of DRAW’s resident vegetarians, and though she can resist the temptation of any variety of meatshape, no order of french fries is safe in her presence. Be forewarned. In a lunch meeting involving fries, order “one for the table.”

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