Jennifer Eyler joined DRAW in 2015 as the firm’s Director of Business Administration. She brings a decade of office management and financial experience, and in quick order brought DRAW’s books and office to a humming, beautiful harmony. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kansas State University augmented with studies in Financial Para-Planning from the College for Financial Planning in Greenwood Village, CO, she spent the majority of her career as State Operations Director for the March of Dimes in Kansas City.

Interesting facts about Jennifer:

  • Jennifer is of the breed of humans that is innately gifted with numbers. She perplexes us all with her Zen-like serenity as she analyzes complex financial scenarios. She told us once that in her spare time, she enjoys forecasting her financial future.

  • Jenn is a badass. She once rode a motorcycle 2,000 miles through Sturgis, Denver and then back home to KC. Of course, no true motorcycle trip would be complete without blistering heat, thunderstorms, the pummeling of rocks from passing trucks, and a honeymoon suite shared with others. Her’s was no exception.

  • In her time with the March of Dimes, Jennifer had several brushes with fame, including encounters with Buck O’Neil, George Brett and Kathy Ireland at various functions.

  • In some parallel universe, there’s a Jennifer out there who is a nutritionist / yoga instructor / holistic healer…all things Jennifer daydreams of doing when she needs a mental break from numbers.

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