Greg Goss joined us in 2017 with a bursting portfolio and a deep pool of industry knowledge and applied expertise. One of DRAW’s more senior designers, Greg is a well-rounded architect and talented designer with nearly two decades’ experience in all project phases, from programming and initial design concept through construction administration and project completion. His strengths lie in understanding clients’ needs, artfully solving problems and creating spaces with a sense of place. Greg’s work reflects his deep understanding of sustainable design strategies, and his projects incorporate integrated high-performance design solutions. 

Interesting facts about Greg:

  • Father of two magical daughters, Greg includes their respective arrivals on this planet among his most defining moments in life – in particular, that moment of clarity when he understood that love is an infinite resource.

  • It’s possible that Greg believes in aliens. Camping with a large group one night, he and another friend witnessed a strange glowing object dart across the sky, change direction three times, then disappear. None of his other friends believe him.  …do you?

  • Greg finds great joy in the simple pleasures of life: drinks and dinner on the town with friends, a nice hoppy beer, single malt scotch, and donuts.

  • When asked about all of the “alternate reality” Gregs – i.e. the Gregs on other planets who look just like “this reality” Greg but have different lives – he says, “We’re all architects.”

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