Crossroads Tree Planting

Location: Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri

On a rainy day in October, DRAW employees alongside members of the Heartland Tree Alliance and Cargill volunteers planted over 20 trees along the 18th block of McGee Street, Kansas City. The Crossroads trees planting effort was initiated by DRAW principal, Dominique Davison, tree preservationist and member of the Heartland Tree Alliance’s Steering Committee.

The plantings included nine Swamp Oaks, five Shumard Oaks, four Zelkova Serrata or ‘Green Vases’ and three Frontier Elms – all of which were chosen as hearty, urban street trees that will mature to provide ample shade and help to beautify the block. The team of volunteers approached the businesses within the designated block and a half stretch to request their participation; businesses that welcomed the donation also agreed to the watering and upkeep.

The planting project couldn’t have been done without Noelle Morris’ coordination, program coordinator for Bridging the Gap, Cargill’s generous $5000 donation, as well as the City of Kansas City’s permission and funding through PIAC funds. Robert Whitman,of Gould Evans Associates, helped with tree selection and Phronesis landscape architects determined appropriate tree location.


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