Craig joined DRAW in 2018, bringing fifteen years of experience in all aspects of a project and client relations, from concept to completion. The scope of Craig’s experience ranges from small consulting engagements to providing full architectural services on recurring commercial developments around the globe. He has had the opportunity to work with a range of clients; from established corporations to startup companies looking to expand their national presence and an architectural brand image. Through thoughtful design and timely execution, he has built a career based on client relationships. 

Over the past several years, Craig has become a leader in the world of maker spaces design. Using his knowledge in architectural rollout models, Craig has helped clients create design templates and prototype layouts for the maker space throughout the US and abroad. He understands the features and functions of equipment and infrastructure requirements critical to the success of a maker space. Craig has helped evolve what a maker space is; from a gritty open space, to a high-tech workshop of creativity.   

Interesting facts about Craig:   

  • Craig broke his right arm three times between kindergarten and second grade, and all that time spent with a cast on his writing hand forced him to switch handedness. Though he is not seamlessly ambidextrous and considers himself a lefty, he inherently defaults to his right hand for a fair amount of actions.

  • As a child, Craig spent many a weekend at the roller rink and “on the streets” (because that sounds cooler) honing his mad skating and ‘blading skillz. He claims that had his wife seen him skate backwards in middle school, he wouldn’t have had to try so hard to win her over in college.   

  • Craig is an unbelievably generous human being. In January 2018, he donated a kidney to one of his good friends.  

  • If the previous fact doesn’t impress you, maybe this will: Craig once won Sixth Place in Chicken at the Great Lenexa Barbecue Battle.  

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