Columbus Park Lofts

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

DRAW’s planning and architectural team is working closely with the Columbus Park Development Group Two in the design of three apartment buildings in Columbus Park.  These apartment buildings are a part of the second phase of the Redvelopment Plan. 

Incorporating elements of the neighborhood balcony, art, and eclectic character, the buildings add to the uniqueness of the neighborhood and are recognizable landmarks for Columbus Park.  The project’s imperatives – to Be Contextual, Optimize Views, Provide Unique Living + Amenities, Modular Construction, Utilize Building Efficiencies, and Good Design – are expressed in the detailing and thoughtfulness of the articulated landscape, building facade, and dynamic social spaces.

Feature elements of pedestrian focused streetscapes, outdoor living, vibrant active lifestyles include: rooftop amenity, balcony/patio access for each resident, fitness center, highly visible retail, and integrated landscape with parking.


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