Charmaine joined DRAW in 2018, adding her strengths in communication, organization, and detail-oriented support to our executive operations at DRAW. A graduate of UMKC’s Political Science program, Charmaine’s professional career began in k-12 education, then shifted into the judicial arena, where she supported the operations of the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. At DRAW, Charmaine keeps our workplace running smoothly and supports firm leadership in myriad critical ways. 

Interesting facts about Charmaine:   

  • Charmaine’s most defining moment in life centers on becoming a mother. In this role, she has had to develop a unique skillset as the parent of a child who appears to have super powers, which can be evidenced by her son’s ability to scale vertical surfaces.  

  • Charmaine’s life is guided by her faith and her belief that everyone should be treated equally and fair. 

  • Charmaine LOVES New York City and is willing to do what it takes to overcome her extreme fear of flying in order to get there. The very human experience of riding the subway ranks among her favorite parts of being in the city. If only there was a subway train from KC to NY…  

  • Charmaine has boldly gone where many of us have not been before…at least with regard to culinary exploration. Like that time she tried cooking frog legs. To summarize that particular exploration, the experience involved a scene with Charmaine recoiled on the counter shouting, “They’re alive!” 

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