Britney Weiser joined DRAW in 2018, after spending half a decade practicing educational architecture in the Kansas City metro. A licensed architect with a Master of Architecture from Kansas State University, Britney displays an ongoing commitment to learning about and implementing new techniques, products, and construction materials throughout her designs. 

Britney brings a creative eye and strong technical skills to every project. In the role of Project Architect, she is skilled in all phases of design, from Pre-Design to Post-Occupancy. She has excellent communication skills, produces high-quality work, and is a flexible designer who strives to find excellent solutions for all client needs. 

Interesting facts about Britney:

  • Britney’s creativity and know-how don’t end with buildings. She is also a great cook and has that intangible gift for successfully creating tasty, unique dishes with whatever ingredients happen to be on hand. She also has startlingly encyclopedic knowledge about where foods originate from and the traditional way of cooking them along with at least a couple of variations.  

  • While in Madrid, Britney was approached on the street by a Eurovision crew (European version of American Idol) and was asked to perform a singing clip. The crew introduced her to her backup dancers and then had her sing ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’…you know, because she is Britney from the United States. At the end of her song (and at the peak of her confusion about what was happening), a different man on the street rated her performance. While she didn’t move on in the competition, she did leave with the prize of this awesome story. 

  • Usually a model of responsibility and self-control, Britney admits to two notable exceptions: the guilty pleasure of driving on a hot day with windows down and AC blasting; and her complete lack of self-control when confronted with chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants.  

  • If Britney hadn’t answered her call to architecture, she says she would have pursued her dream of being captain of a sea vessel sailing into the sunset.  


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