The All Of Us



DRAW is different from other Architecture firms. We offer an approach that integrates a variety of disciplines, including architecture, interior design, urban design, urban planning and cutting-edge resource impact analysis. We utilize this radically resourceful toolkit towards a purpose of creating inspired places for people to gather and connect.


More Than Just Buildings

Our interdisciplinary process allows for a truly customized approach for each of our clients. To us, “resourcefulness” means tapping into the deep knowledge and experience that each client brings to a project, in addition to tapping into the hidden potential of each site. Our process is very inclusive from the start. We believe that meaningful interaction with clients at the earliest stages of each project results in more authentic and inspired places. The wisdom that our clients bring to the table, combined with the inherent qualities of the site, is the foundation of a great project. We listen deeply, and act boldly on their behalf.


More Than Just Bragging

Our work has been featured in Residential Design Magazine, DWELL, Green Business Quarterly and EcoHome among other local and national publications. Our dedication to design excellence, community service and environmental stewardship has earned DRAW and our firm leaders numerous awards and honors, including recognition as an Emerging Professional by Architectural Record in 2010 and as Firm of the Year by the American Institute of Architects Kansas City Chapter in 2014.


More Than Just the Each of Us

The Each of Us hails from all over the country, bolstering the firm’s expertise in Civic and Institutional projects, Hospitality and Business Environments, Planning and Public Engagement, Public Art and City Spaces, and Multi-unit and Mixed-use developments. The Each of Us is great in his and her own way, but as we come together in collaboration, the All of Us is even better. We think alike. We finish each other’s…you know, drawings. We are extremely proud of the projects we do together. And mostly, we all really love working together to make projects take shape.

(Oh, and by the way, DRAW is DBE, WBE and SLBE certified.)